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Corporate Team Building and special events in New Orleans

The home of the country's finest cuisine and located next to one of the next best, New Orleans is a destination like none other just for food. Combine the food and drink with one-of-a-kind architecture, and the home one of the worlds finest and most challenging types of music, you begin to slowly touch the surface as to what the city truly holds.

A country within a country, the Creole culture is unlike anything else in this country. Rather than one or to indigenous dishes, there is an entire highly developed cuisine to explore.

Many people accidentally combine Creole with its cousin from the country known as Cajun. Another entire culture featuring a fully developed cuisine, it differs in many ways from Creole. Creole culture is city culture, combining an ancestry of Spanish, French, Italian, Caribbean, and Native American.

Walking the streets of the city will take you far from anywhere you expect in the country. The addictive properties that surround it are unlike anything you will see in the United States. As long as you get away from infamous Bourbon Street, you can quickly immerse yourself into local culture. Give yourself plenty of time to visit the neighborhoods, listen to music, and eat and drink as much as you possibly can.

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